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Tile AdhesiveTile AdhesiveTile AdhesiveTile AdhesiveTile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive

  • Anti-aging
  • Waterproof
  • High bonding strength
  • Applicable to various tiles
  • Product description: Tile Adhesive with high bonding strength for various purposes and applicable to various tiles

Tile Adhesive

1.    Introduction

Kam Chung tile adhesive is a very powerful bonding agent. With its excellent bonding strength, it is capable for adhering tile, mosaic, stone plate, vitrified brick etc. Moreover, it is weatherproof and good against aging, thus could be used for high-rise buildings. No matter whether the objects are with rough or smooth surface, or with little water absorption, our tile adhesive works well with all of them.

                                            (tile adhesive for floor tile)

2.    Application

Kam Chung tile adhesive is able to bond various types of materials like glass, ceramic and stone, and could be used in areas with temperature from 3 to 45 degree Celsius. Universal applications make it popular all over the world.

                                        (tile adhesive for glass mosaic)

3.    Specifications

Drying time

24 hours

Resistance to Water


Resistance to Sunlight


Resistance to Weak Acid (Dried)


Resistance to Alkali (Dried)


Resistance to Oil(Dried)



None toxic

Non- combustibility

Class A

Cutting Strength

1.1Mpa (14 days after application)

1.6Mpa (28 days after application)

Mixing Ratio

(water : tile adhesive)

1 : 3.3



Validity Period

18 months (in shady and cool place)

                                         (tile adhesive for glass mosaic)

4.    Advantages

(1). Anti-aging

(2). Waterproof

(3). Easy operation

(4). Non-combustible

(5). Environment-friendly

(6). High bonding strength

(7). Applicable to various tiles

(8). No pollution and less garbage

          (9). Applicable to smooth or rough surface

          (10). No need to wet tiles, saving in time and labor cost

(11). Saving in materials (compared with cement and sand adhesive)

          (12). Reduction on weight of walls (compared with cement and sand adhesive)

                                       (tile adhesive for wall brick)

5.    Instructions for Use

(1). Clean up walls and no delamination is allowed. Make sure walls are strong enough to be bonded with tiles.

(2). Mix Kam Chung tile adhesive powder and water in 3.3 : 1 proportion (approximately 7.5 liters of water for 25kg of powder).  Stir it well and make it in paste state. Motor stirrer is preferable. Stirring the mixture again after it being still for a few minutes can strengthen the bonding power.

(3). Use a scraper to smear the mixture evenly on a wall, 1 square meter each time, and then press a tile on it.

(4). The adhesive must be smeared on the back of tiles as well if they are with deep grains.

(5). A 2mm wide gap must be left between tiles and filled with waterproof joint mixture.

(6). Tile surface could be cleaned by moist cloth or sponge before adhesive dries out.

                                             (tile adhesive for wall tile)