How to Use Tile Adhesive

tile adhesive is a material that many consider to be difficult use; however, if you have some practice and understand the basic principles, it can be easy. Follow these steps to correctly use tile adhesive.

Step 1 - Determine Which Adhesive to Use

There are several different types of tile adhesive that you can use. You can use thinset, mastic, or a special type of adhesive that is designed for marble and natural stone. If you are installing regular tile, such as ceramic or porcelain on the floor, use thinset. If you are installing tile on the wall, mastic is usually preferred, but you can use thinset as well. If you are working with marble or natural stone, use specially designed adhesive.

Step 2 - Mixing the Adhesive

Mastic and some thinset come in a premixed container; however, in many cases, the adhesive will not be premixed. It is going to come in a large bag in powder form that you mix in a bucket. To do so, pour the powder into a bucket and add water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Add the appropriate amount of water and mix it to to proper consistency. The easiest way to mix the adhesive is to use a drill with a stirring paddle attachment. It will work the same way as a mixer.

Step 3 - Applying the Adhesive

Once you have mixed the adhesive, you can apply it. Work quickly so that it does not dry. Apply the adhesive directly to the floor with a trowel. When you are working in small areas, apply the adhesive to the back of the tile.

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