How to install fiber cement board


 Installation Processes for Exterior Wall cladding

(1). Clean up walls and boards.

(2). Draw lines on walls according to construction plan.

(3). Reserve holes for doors, windows or other equipments.

(4). Drill holes on walls according to the lines mentioned above, and then use stainless steel anchor bolt to fasten zinc-plated angle steels on them.

(5). Use stainless steel screws to fix L-shape keels and angle steel.

(6). At external corners and internal corners, use long L-shape angle steels to fasten two keels by rivets, making the whole keel system strongly combined together.

(7). Use bolts to fasten hangers that connected to L-shape angle steels.

(8). Fix 4 corners of fiber cement board on 4 hangers. Make sure the lower corners connected to lower hangers are sitting right on lower L-shape keels, and upper ones on upper keels

(9). Fill connecting joint of boards with 3 mm thick sealing glue when they are fastened.

(10). Repeat the process for other panels and don’t forget the waterproof treatment.  

(11). Double check the whole project and do the cleaning.