How to install ceiling board

 Installation Processes for False ceiling

(1). Draw lines on ceiling according to construction plan, and install hanging bars.

(2). Install main keels by following sequences.

(a) Use size UC50 or U38 steels as main keels and the distance between two keels is 1200mm.

(b) Hangers must be installed on main keels and fasten by screws. If the main keel is not long enough, there must be a overlap on the joint point with a hanger clip.

(c) Remember to check the leveling all the time.

(d).It is required to use T-shape reinforced sub keel when installation is near lamp and ventilation outlet.

(e) After installation of edge keel, check leveling of the whole system again. Adjust the edge keels first, and then the sub keels in accordance with them. If it is necessary you can adjust the main keel.

(f). Choose appropriate size and thickness of ceiling board as per design. Normally we use 603*603*6mm. White gloves are recommended when installing the boards to avoid spots and dust.