How to Install EPS Foam Sandwich Panel

 Installation Processes for sandwich Panel

(1). Draw lines on wall and floor according to drawing plan.

(2). Cut Kam Chung sandwich panels into suitable sizes with a circular saw.

(3). Mix cement and sand (ratio 1:2) and make it starchy. Then wet panels’ sides which are to be connected and put cement mixture on them.

(4). Fix the panels according to drawn lines and keep them upright. Use a jimmy to move the panels from bottom and make them tightly connected to each other.

(5). Push panels so as to again make sure they are tightly combined and squeeze out the cement mixture from connecting joints. Then use wedges to fix them.

(6). Use a 2-meter long guiding rule to check the flatness and perpendicularity of panels. Adjust them with a jimmy and fix them with wedges and steel bars.

(7). All joints between two boards must be reinforced with steel bars in size 6*200mm at 45 degree angle.

(8). After adjusting panel connections, use 30*30mm wedges to fix them. Then use a drill to make holes through panels and floor at a 45 degree angle. Hammer 6*200mm steel bars into the holes to tightly fasten panels on the ground.

(9). When adjusting and fixing are finished, fill all joints with cement mixture, including those connected with ceiling and floor. Pull out the wedges and stuff the holes with cement mixture.

(10). If embedded channels are needed, use a circular blade to cut on panels and cover them with cement mixture once embedding is finished.

(11). Last step is to cover the walls if necessary. Wallpaper can be pasted, wood plate nailed and ceramic tiles directly stuck on them with cement mixture. Door and windows could be fixed right on them as well.